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Fire Risk Assessment for Shops in Kent

Kent Fire and Rescue Service regularly have to deal with fires, both accidental and arson, across the region. If your business is unfortunately the victim of a fire, as happened to these Faversham shops, then handling the fallout is much easier if you have the right...

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Fire Risk Assessment for Offices in Kent

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy buildings up and down the UK have been checked for their fire safety and additional precautions have been taken. As well as the removal of cladding there has been renewed interest in the risk assessment processes in place for...

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Fire Risk Assessment for Schools in Kent

Statistics show that there were 650 fires reported in educational premises and schools in 2015/16. Over 100 of these were started deliberately. Protecting against fire can be a complex process. It all starts with having the right fire risk assessment for schools in...

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