Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies

If you are a business that has five or more employees, then it legally required that you have a written health and safety policy statement. This needs to cover all aspects of the business and must take into account and include anyone affected by your business activities. Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 section 2(3)) is where all of this is spelled out for business owners. It really is not meant to be a complicated document that businesses owners have to slave away over, but it does need to cover all of the basics and outline how your business manages Health & Safety. If you need help with your plan and getting to drafted up and ready to go, Risk Safety Services  can help you develop your Health And Safety Policies to be both practical and comply with current legal requirements.

Employees need to know what policies and procedures are in place that directly and indirectly affect them as well as what their responsibilities are wile they are at work. As a business owner you can supply all employees with a guide book, have a centrally located one on the job site for employees to refer to, or you can have it posted in a public area such as the break room.  For smaller businesses with only a handful of employees, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has produced a simple one page template for the Health And Safety Company Profile that can be filled out with all of the important information that is needed and they also offer a completed example health and safety policy sample for further reference.

A typical policy statement for a business of moderate size consist of three basic parts:

  1.  A statement of general intent which outlines what safety and health policies are in place and how you will enforce and maintain them. Points include:
  • how the business will manage responsibilities
  • who has overall responsibility for the  Health And Safety Policies
  • will be signed and dated by owners or managers
  • state when it needs to be updated or reviewed
  1.  An organisational section that outlines who has what responsibility. Points include:
  • who is responsible to whom and for what
  • steps taken to ensure that responsibility is taken and chain of command is followed
  • how the policy will be reviewed and checked for faults and weaknesses
  • job descriptions having a safety content
  • specific safety responsibilities, roles, and activities and who will oversee them
  • a management chart showing the chain of command in the company
  • the name of the contact person in charge should issues or concerns arise
  1.  An arrangement section which helps ensure that you will meet the commitments of the health and safety sheet. Points include:
  • safety training
  • health and safety company profile
  • safe systems/safe place of work
  • environmental issues
  • machinery guarding
  • housekeeping
  • plant and equipment
  • noise issues
  • maintaining of health and safety Documents
  • radiation
  • internal communication/participation
  • use of safety committee(s) and safety representatives
  • fire safety and prevention
  • medical facilities and welfare
  • maintenance of records
  • accident reporting and investigation
  • emergency procedures and
  • workplace monitoring

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