Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

Risk Safety Services Health and Safety Audit and Inspection, which is often the starting point for any new client engagement, provides the platform for delivering Health and Safety Compliance with all relevant legislation

Health and safety audits are a fundamental check of your company going beyond safety inspections to include an assessment of your safety policy, risk assessments, training and all aspects of how safety is managed in your company.

Typically undertaken as the first step in our relationship with a new client or as a stand-alone task to independently review a company’s safety management system the audit should highlight strengths and weakness within your existing safety structures giving you a platform from which to take the next steps or re assurance that you’ve achieved your aims.

 Health and Safety Audit:

  • Is carried out by an experienced and fully qualified Health and Safety consultant
  • Assesses the extent to which your company complies with the relevant legislation.
  • Reviews your organisation’s health and safety policies, arrangements and management systems.
  • Covers the requirement to manage health and safety risks as detailed in HSE guidance and BS OHSAS 18001.

Safety Inspections

Following the audit we carry out a Workplace Health and Safety Inspection, which includes:

  • A comprehensive inspection of the workplace.
  • An overview of Health and Safety compliance.
  • Advice and guidance on compliance with Health and Safety legislation and best practice.
  • Speaking with employees where appropriate

Findings and recommendations from the health and safety audit are recorded in a comprehensive report, which includes:

  • Executive summary with prioritised findings and recommendations.
  • Photographs
  • Action plan covering all findings and recommendations.
  • Health and Safety Management Audit Checklist, Workplace Inspection Checklist, Health and Safety Document Audit.

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